Our Logo


The LCF logo was inspired by a traditional story told by community elder, Victor Sarracino, during the community focus group discussion. Mr. Sarracino spoke of two sisters who would unite after time of separation. One sister was sent east, and the other stayed behind. After a period of absence, the sisters would come together with different philosophies (western and indigenous) and would seamlessly bridge the two as one.

We wanted to represent this idea through design. The outer geometric pottery design contains six shapes. Each shape is representative of the six communities that make up Laguna Pueblo. The lines are not symmetrical or evenly spaced on purpose. This imperfection represents the human touch of pottery painting. The inner design represents Laguna’s iconic landmark: St. Joseph Church. We repented this idea through a step pattern (terrace clouds/kiva steps). We did not add a “cross” to the design, because it is not a literal translation of the church, but rather a abstract translation.

Design Firm: Iroots Media, LLC

Creative Director: Ben Calabaza
Project Manager: Matthew Perez
Focus Group Coordinators: Leah Boss, Joanne Morales
Community Organizer: Marth Becktell