Laguna Community Library

February 2018 – Laguna Community Foundation is pleased to share this news from Laguna Public Library.

Laguna Public Library recognizes a responsibility to provide a place for learning and preservation of the Laguna Pueblo culture and history. For the past 3 years, the Library has been working on the start-up of a Community Archives. The goal is that one day Laguna will have a welcoming place that safeguards materials and an established system to preserve and access community history, language and materials such as photographs, periodicals, and books.
Preserving histories is part of a larger, very important movement in New Mexico, coordinated by the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC), for Pueblos to develop community archives.  IPCC is providing technical training so that archiving is done properly.  The Laguna Public Library has moved in this direction by partnering with the AmeriCorps Tribal Vista Program and Laguna Community Foundation (LCF) to bring Valerie Fernando, a Tribal Vista Intern, onboard to start organizing the community archives.
Working hand-in-hand with LCF, Laguna Public Library is pleased to announce that a $10,000 grant from BNSF Railway Foundation will help start-up the Laguna Public Library Community Archives!  These funds will underwrite supplies, equipment and technology designed for professional archiving. “We are grateful to Laguna Community Foundation for bringing resources to our community, developing this opportunity, and for fostering the relationship with Chris Howell and BNSF,” Janice Kowemy.
The Community Archives are managed by Janice Kowemy, librarian and Valerie Fernando, AmeriCorps Tribal VISTA Service Member.

Special Guest Chris Howell, Director of Tribal Relations for BNSF Railway travelled from Ft. Worth, Texas to Laguna for the Laguna Community Foundation Open House on December 6, 2017; bringing with him the good news of the grant funding to Laguna. Pictured left to right: Renee Paisano-Trujillo, Interim Executive Director for Laguna Community Foundation; Valerie Fernando, AmeriCorps Tribal VISTA; Chris Howell, BNSF; Librarian Janice Kowemy; Ron Solimon, Laguna Community Foundation incoming Chairman of the Board. Photo by Sheila Davis, AmeriCorps Tribal Vista Service Member.