About the Laguna Community Foundation

Mission: Laguna Community Foundation (LCF) generates resources and offers charitable support to initiatives that strengthen Laguna Pueblo and honor our core cultural values. We support projects that build leadership and advance social and environmental conditions today and tomorrow. Above all, we connect Laguna people to problem solving critical issues at home, in our neighboring communities and beyond.

The idea for the Foundation began many years ago from conversations about how to create better support systems for the programs within the Pueblo.  In the late 90’s the Pueblo established the Laguna Education Foundation in order to provide support for higher education.  As the conversations continued, stakeholders began to realize the importance of establishing a foundation that could serve to generate resources and capacity for all public sectors within the Pueblo.

In 2011, the Laguna Pueblo Council approved the formation of the Laguna Community Foundation with Gil Sanchez being contracted to form and establish the foundation as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Mr. Sanchez was instrumental in establishing the Education Foundation and was able to lend his expertise in creating this new Community Foundation.

 The Foundation is an organization born from the idea that we must be able to take care of ourselves and we can create the structures that will ensure we are able to do so.  In creating this Foundation, Mr. Sanchez related his experience about the giving nature of Laguna People, “You know the grocery bingo?  The community will raise money for family, to send students on trips, to support college expenses by hosting these bingo events.  They buy all these groceries and the community has a small dollar buy-in to play.  And they all come out!  And they play!  And the community supports each other. These families and students always make whatever they need.  We always take care of one another.”