Ho’ba y’a née

Translated from Keres: Forward As One. This is how we remain strong as the people of Laguna. We invite you to join us as we go forward and hope you will lend your strength to our efforts.
Dawa'eh (thank you)!

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Mission Statement
Laguna Community Foundation (LCF) generates resources and offers charitable support to initiatives that strengthen Laguna Pueblo and honor our core cultural values. We support projects that build leadership and advance social and environmental conditions today and tomorrow. Above all, we connect Laguna people to problem solving critical issues at home, in our neighboring communities and beyond.
What the Laguna Community Foundation Does
Supported by private and public donors that include contributions from inside our own community,   Laguna Community Foundation will serve as the nonprofit (501c3) “bucket” to receive and redistribute contributed resources to our local community programs, qualified organizations and schools.
Our Core Values
Reverence, Giving, Generosity, Respect, Discipline, Obedience, Love.